Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Year Older

So my birthdays come and gone, I unfortunately was not able to correctly finish my dress, as I had made it a size too big and didn't realize until just before we left for lunch.  But here is a picture of the colors.

That's the overall design of the top bodice, the rest is just regular straps and skirt.  I do vow to alter and finish this dress though.

So good news on my pink quilt adventures, its all cut out all zillion strips :)  I just now have to sew them all together and than start cutting blocks, than adding a border or 2 and than the fun part, PINNING.  and than the other favorite part....QUILTING.  ohh and than it has to be binded :)  I love quilting, its been about a month or 2 since i have done my last one, and it was the cutest little car quilt for a little boy.  I will show a pic of it.

That one was really fun to do, as I've got a few under my sleeve now.....4 baby quilts and 3 adult i believe, its very fun and extremely rewarding.  I do hope to one day, just make up maybe 10 or 20 baby quilts and put them up for sale, or maybe just keep taking my custom orders.  But we will see. My husband has gone back to work finally so i currently have the house back to myself and with the baby.  I plan on some early morning 6 am wake ups to start sewing while the kidlet is sleeping, best time to sew assuming i have all my materials and they aren't in his room.

But good night you all.  I still am having the free diaper cover giveaway Feb 01 so make sure to post a comment and let me know your e-mail. 

Keep an eye out for other free give aways, I hope to do at least 2 a month so make sure you tell everyone to get a free goody :)


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