Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another day of Diaper Repairs

So I took on the daunting task of doing an order of repairing 24 bum genius for a couple ladies.  Let me tell you, its easy as heck to do, but time consuming.  I think next time I may charge a little more than I did this time. But in any case when you times 24 x 3 elastics x 6 ends each....that's a whole lot of pain stacking elastic attaching.  My poor needs have gone through the shredder as Velcro is very course :(  but all in all I'm having a great time, my machine not so much, shes been called a few bad names followed with whispers, mutters and i may have smacked it once ha ha.  But shes a great machine.

I've been doing some research on cloth diapers and the ins and outs of it, I myself have converged over to cloth diapering 2 months ago 100% and I'm very happy and proud.  I do it a little more the hard way, I only have 5 AOI's and the rest are reg cloth diapers that require a cover. I do make my own fleece covers though, and i must say, they work pretty freaking fantastically.  They don't " soak " through but they do get a little damp which in turn lets the mommy or daddy know its time to change the baby :)

Those 2 i made, the leopard ones were given away as free prizes and the blue one with the grayish brown heart on the bum bum was a special order for a wonderful customer. I love doing custom orders more than anything, which is why I probably haven't gotten too much into the selling end of things. But I think that somewhere in the world there should be a store you could walk into and have like a zillion different types of cloth diapers to choose from, its so hard to find a brand you like over the Internet.  So maybe that's in my future, to simply have a cloth diapering store. I think its a great idea, so don't steal my thunder ha ha.

And since nobody wants the produce bag free give-away, I'm gonna pull it off the shelf and think of replacing it with something " cooler " what would you like to see as a free giveaway?  maybe cloth diapers ?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Everything Pink and another FREE GIVEAWAY

So I finally have the pink quilt cut out, I just need to sew the strips together and start cutting out blocks. This is gonna be sooo neat, i cant wait until its finished.  I will add pictures of the progress.
So I'm thinking that the pink quilt is cursed, every time i start it I get sick sick sick.  :(

My project of the day yesterday was to make some reusable produce bags, they turned out really well and I'm super happy with them.

I made it masculine so that my husband wouldn't have a problem with using them.  I used jersey mesh instead of plastic mesh as I want these to last longer, as this will wash over and over again.
So my project to start today is sewing pink strips together and its currently 6 30 am

My Free giveaway of the week is......wait for it......A reusable produce bag :)  If you are female you will get a girly one, if you are male...I'll try to make it as masculine as I can.
So leave a comment and your e-mail or if you don't want to leave your e-mail on the blog cause of spammers, just e-mail it to me but still leave a comment.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb 01 Free Give Away WINNER

And since there was only 2 wonderful people who commented on my free give-away, they will each win something from the wonderful Diaper cover stash.  Amy and Marie you will both receive 1 each of a Animal Print diaper cover in a large size.  Since I have both your address, keep an eye out int he mail for your winnings :)

And on to my day, so we have this huge dollarstore were i found some things to get crafty with. I have purchased 1 red croc patent vinal placemat and 1 black croc patent vinal placemat and one vinal table cloth cover.  I think im gonna have a fun time with finding fun crafty things to do with these items.

But just incase