Monday, March 21, 2011

How to make your own Crayons

Alrighty, so I saw this pic of homemade crayons and was like " I HAVE TO HAVE THOSE " upon contemplating purchasing like a thousand off this other WAHM mom from the States, I decided to give it a shot first, I just happen to have a pack of crayons lying around and wasn't gonna let my son use them till he was older, so my adventure began to let him use them sooner than later.

OK so first off you need to remove all the paper from the crayons { we don't want any oven fires }
*Than you need to line a muffin tin with tinfoil. I individually wrapped the muffin spots instead of trying to spread a piece across and going from there. 
*Once lined, you need to break up the crayons in thirds and place them in whatever color scheme suits your needs. I just matched up the colors the best I could and did it in its basic parts.  I did about 5 crayons per muffin spot of a 12 cup muffin tin. Have to be careful cause it can melt over.  PS make sure you line your pan well, you will see why.

*Once you have them in the pan , place them in the oven at 250 degrees for 12-15 or till you can tell they are fully melted.  This pic shows them half way through the process.

This pictures who's what they look like once they are all melted.
How I put my crayons in the fridge for a couple minutes to help the cooling process cause I'm impatient.

Once they are fully cooled you can start to lift the cups out and peeling the tinfoil off.

After peeling my tinfoil off, i took an old parring knife from the drawer and shaved off that little flaky way edge you see there from the wax settling and hardening.  Less of a mess to try and clean up after handing them over to the little one.

This picture shows how i was too excited and accidentally punctured holes into the tinfoil and it melted through onto my pan  :(  if this happens to you, don't throw the pan out, just put it back into the oven to melt again than use some paper towel to mop up the oily mess and make sure not to burn yourself..


Aren't these the coolest things you have ever seen :)  they aren't as cool as per say a car shape or dinosaur, but they work just as good.    This is a picture of them in action, he just love love loves them.

 Just LOVING every second he gets to play with his crayons.

I hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)  cheers

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wool Diaper Cover written Tutorial

So today was the day that I finally decided to cut into this ugly wool sweater i bought from the thrift store. It was a men's large for $4.99

So in my adventures i found some great little tutorials that i will share with you.

The first thing i made was Soaker pants

1. You take the sweater and cut off the arms, even the tops, measure the babies inseam and than put one slit on the side of both sides and than cut the slit up to the top of the sleeve were you cut it off the sweater.
2. You than turn one sleeve inside out so right sides are facing each other and sew the 2 pieces together were you cut the slits like you would sew together any pair of pants at the crotch area.
3. I cut off the collar of the sweater were the size tag was, and left about 1/2 an inch so there was room to sew it onto the top of the arms ( aka forming soakers )  pinned the pieces together right sides together and voila a waist band, mine measured about 20" and i needed it 18" so i put a slit in the collar and put an elastic band inside like you would any pair of pants.

Enjoy MSG me to ask questions.

Next I made the soakers x 2


1. Cut apart the remaining front and back of sweater, lay them on top of each other
2.measure the babies waist and legs - my son was 18" waist and 10.5 " thigh - cut out a 18 inch across and cut out the remaining length of the sweater so one big triangle. At the tip of my triangle i squared it off instead of a harsh point, so I'd have more room to sew the sides together.
3. Pull your point up to the centre of the long edge and fold in the sides of the soaker measure the hold I measured 5 inches from the bottom ( were it will be open for legs ) pinned and sewed from that pin up to the waist line. Do the same for both legs.
4. My soaker was a bit big in the waist so i just gathered it in the back and sewed a dart into it and cut off the access.
* This isn't an exact thing, i still need to make many adjustments, but its the jist of what to do. the tutorial  i took wasn't very thorough either.

Next  came the leg warmers.

These are the 2 pieces from the sides of the triangles we cut out, the top is the brim of the sweater so they go up near the thighs of the baby and i just tapered them down so a little foot could fit through the bottom :) and voila sewed up the sides and got 2 of the cutest little leg warmers in town :)

Hope you enjoyed these photo's and verbal directions, if you need further information as my instructions may totally suck just leave me a comment and i can get back to you as soon as possible.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sew Much Ado: Tutorial: Felt Flash Cards / Memory Game

Sew Much Ado: Tutorial: Felt Flash Cards / Memory Game


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Like these ones but in a different color scheme.

I will make the pillowcases and post a picture later. Just gotta get a few orders done first : )

So the closing end date it March 30/2011  hope you come to join us.