Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Everything Pink and another FREE GIVEAWAY

So I finally have the pink quilt cut out, I just need to sew the strips together and start cutting out blocks. This is gonna be sooo neat, i cant wait until its finished.  I will add pictures of the progress.
So I'm thinking that the pink quilt is cursed, every time i start it I get sick sick sick.  :(

My project of the day yesterday was to make some reusable produce bags, they turned out really well and I'm super happy with them.

I made it masculine so that my husband wouldn't have a problem with using them.  I used jersey mesh instead of plastic mesh as I want these to last longer, as this will wash over and over again.
So my project to start today is sewing pink strips together and its currently 6 30 am

My Free giveaway of the week is......wait for it......A reusable produce bag :)  If you are female you will get a girly one, if you are male...I'll try to make it as masculine as I can.
So leave a comment and your e-mail or if you don't want to leave your e-mail on the blog cause of spammers, just e-mail it to me but still leave a comment.

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