Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another day of Diaper Repairs

So I took on the daunting task of doing an order of repairing 24 bum genius for a couple ladies.  Let me tell you, its easy as heck to do, but time consuming.  I think next time I may charge a little more than I did this time. But in any case when you times 24 x 3 elastics x 6 ends each....that's a whole lot of pain stacking elastic attaching.  My poor needs have gone through the shredder as Velcro is very course :(  but all in all I'm having a great time, my machine not so much, shes been called a few bad names followed with whispers, mutters and i may have smacked it once ha ha.  But shes a great machine.

I've been doing some research on cloth diapers and the ins and outs of it, I myself have converged over to cloth diapering 2 months ago 100% and I'm very happy and proud.  I do it a little more the hard way, I only have 5 AOI's and the rest are reg cloth diapers that require a cover. I do make my own fleece covers though, and i must say, they work pretty freaking fantastically.  They don't " soak " through but they do get a little damp which in turn lets the mommy or daddy know its time to change the baby :)

Those 2 i made, the leopard ones were given away as free prizes and the blue one with the grayish brown heart on the bum bum was a special order for a wonderful customer. I love doing custom orders more than anything, which is why I probably haven't gotten too much into the selling end of things. But I think that somewhere in the world there should be a store you could walk into and have like a zillion different types of cloth diapers to choose from, its so hard to find a brand you like over the Internet.  So maybe that's in my future, to simply have a cloth diapering store. I think its a great idea, so don't steal my thunder ha ha.

And since nobody wants the produce bag free give-away, I'm gonna pull it off the shelf and think of replacing it with something " cooler " what would you like to see as a free giveaway?  maybe cloth diapers ?

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  1. Were they the 3.0 or 4.0 BGs? I hear the 4.0 have the new easy to remove elastic!

    I'm always down with cloth diapers! .. or those fabulous pillow cases you make! or.. really anything you make is fabulous :)