Thursday, October 18, 2012

How much to spend on groceries a month

Equation on how to figure out how much you should be spending a month on groceries.

I read a financial report were it gave some info on how much you should spend a month on groceries according to your annual income.

Take your average paycheck after taxes times it by an average of 28 paydays in a year times that by 11%-14% |( I chose to do 11% ) , you will than have your percentage of your annual.

take the annual percent and divide it by 12 and you should get your monthly total, you than take that monthly total and divide it by 4 and you than get your weekly amount.

Example: single minimum wage individual who makes $10/hr ( bc canada )

$704 x 28 paydays = $19712
$19712 x .11 =  $2168.32
$2168.32 / 12m = $180.69 a month in groceries / 4 weeks in a month = $45.17 a week to  live ( not including toiletries and hygiene )

This was just a fun equation to help out with cutting down on the cost of groceries.

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